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February 26 2018

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Hire Local Production Crews to Increase Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is a major component of all marketing strategies. Familiarizing customers with the logo, brand name, or signature product takes an immense amount of exposure for the business brand. The goal is to make a strong connection between the brand and worldwide customers. E commerce websites, local physical stores, and non-profit organizations are all competing for revenues.

Be Everywhere

The more appealing advertisements, social media posts, and website videos are to several targeted audiences, the more business exposure and brand recognition grows. Utilizing as many locations as possible for any type of campaign or production will resonate with a broader range of customers. Scenery and clips from the west coast are beautiful, but will rarely influence people in the rest of the country, let alone on an international scale.

Companies that hire local video crews or camera crews for footage incorporate geographically specific visuals into every digital campaign, printed advertisement, and display for the brand. That captures attention and informs customers that wherever they are and wherever they travel, the brand is available. Present the brand as being everywhere and people everywhere will seek out the brand. They will search online for the brand name, visit the website, and share or like the social media page associated with the brand.

Local Knowledge

Another advantage to hiring local camera and film crews is intimate knowledge of that particular country, state, region, city, or town. Sending a crew to Atlanta, for example, will require a substantial amount of time and money. The transplanted crew will have no idea of where to get the best crowd shots, how to avoid afternoon traffic that lasts until seven at night, and what permits are needed to legally film in the city limits.

Screening and hiring local crews is another component to the process that takes time and money. It is easier, cheaper, and faster to hire crews that are already vetted, screened, and experienced. Companies can get the footage they need in the format they prefer and WORK WITH THE BEST VIDEO CAMERA CREWS IN ATLANTA.

What to Expect

A production manager is assigned to every project to select the best crew for the project, arrange schedules, answer questions, and handle all details. If any on-camera talent is needed, that falls to the manager as well. Lead positions, such as Director of Photography, are filled by professionals with at least ten-years of certified experience. Crews are assembled to shoot footage, do interviews, take depositions, film conferences, make commercials, and any other projects that require visuals.

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